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Smile Before Get on Board[2017-01-26]
   The Ferry Company released 2017 Kulangsu Ferry Guidelines.
    A change to the sale of ferry tickets on the Spring Festival of 2017 is that a small portion of tickets used to be reserved to sell on the very day will be sold online in advance. If the online system showed that there are tickets left on the very day, tourists can buy tickets in box office and automatic ticket vending machine. Tourists can reserved tickets through the official website of Xiamen ferry and the tickets are available 15 days ahead.
    Another change is that all children should buy tickets by providing their real name. The children with the height between 1.2m and 1.5m should buy half price tickets. Those higher than 1.5m should buy full price tickets. Those shorter than 1.2m can take the ferry for free, but still need to pick up a free real name ticket by providing valid ID card.
    Every tourist should smile to the screen of the face recognition system before getting on board. The system will compare the very tourist with his/her ID card. Only the ticket, the very tourist and the ID card match each other can he/she enters into the waiting area. The ferry tickets cannot be rescheduled and those who need the service should go through the formalities at the counter 30 minutes in advance.
    For those who lost or forget to bring their ID cards, the ferry terminals in Dongdu, Songyu and Xiamen can help issue interim ID card with the help of the Public Security Bureau.
    The Ferry Company kindly reminds the tourists that the Company never authorizes any third party to sell ferry tickets. Do not trust anyone who provides you with employee ticket, special route ticket or speedboat ticket.