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Cross-strait Calligraphers Meet on Kulangsu[2017-01-23]
Cross-strait calligraphers wrote calligraphy

Yesterday, calligraphers of Cross-strait New Year Couplet Festival came to the Piano Island Kulangsu. Zhu Jiahong, a Taiwanese businessman working on Kulangsu for years, prepared a hundred gifts and gave them out to community members and tourists.
    The Festival was sponsored by Xiamen Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society, Fujian Association of Artistic Training and Zhutousan, a chain store headquartered in Taiwan and it was hosted by Kulangsu Subdistrict Office, Wanshan Calligraphy and Painting Studio and Leicuo Hawaiian Guitar Band. Wan Feng, director of Wanshan Calligraphy and Painting Studio, and his students wrote calligraphy on site. Wan Feng said that the Festival would go to 16 different places. Over 20 cross-strait calligraphers would be divided into several groups and write couplets for residents of different communities for free, including a community in Jinmen, Taiwan.