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Guide in Ma Yuehan Memorial Hall-to promote the sportsmanship of Mr. Ma Yuehan.[2017-01-20]




 Sports activities can positively influence the personality, character and intelligence of the young and further impact upon the whole society.

 In order to better carry out patriotic education and increase the teenagers’ participation, the Ma Yuehan Memorial Hall and Kulangsu People’s Primary School jointly held the winter campus activity-Little Guide in Ma Yuehan Memorial Hall-to promote the sportsmanship of Mr. Ma Yuehan.

 On Jan. 11st, four students from Kulangsu People’s Primary School came to Ma Yuehan Memorial Hall and learned how to be an excellent guide. They listened to professional guide and took notes carefully. On Jan. 13th, the two-hour-long winter campus began and 70 students participated in the activity. The guide from the Memorial Hall introduced the life story of Mr. Ma Yuehan and explained etiquette which should be paid attention to during guidance. The four selected little guide also received a certificate for their good performance. In addition, the students also visited Lin Qiaozhi Memorial Hall, which was built in commemoration of Lian Qiaozhi, a renowned Chinese obstetrician and gynecologist.

The students quite enjoyed their experience of the little guide tour. This is an attempt of Ma Yuehan Memorial Hall to develop itself into a patriotic education base. The workers said they will continue to learn from past experience and create new activities in order to better promote the sportsmanship of Ma Yuehan.