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Go Back to Kulangsu in History through an Exhibition of Rare Old Photographs[2016-11-14]

Chinese and Foreigners on Kulangsu, 1933

Stream of People on Longtou Road, Kulangsu, 1942

Kulangsu Hope Hospital, 1927

Students of Anglo-Chinese College on the Playground

Female Students of A.R.C.M. Girls’ Middle School Saw Their Former President Miss Tena Holkeboer off, 1947

An exhibition themed Memories of Kulangsu – Paintings and Photographs is open to the public in the waiting room of Xiamen Ferry Terminal in Dongdu. The photographs cover a span of about 100 years and are divided into different categories such as natural scenery, streetscape, finance and commerce, culture, education and health, social customs and Western influence on China. The photographs fully demonstrate the rich history and culture of Kulangsu. Some photographs are collected from abroad and this is their first show in China.
Kulangsu is one of the first regions introducing cameras in the world. Hundred years of cultural communication between China and the west made Kulangsu an open and charming international settlement. Through these old photos, visitors can walk through time and visit the bustling Longtou Road, the state-of-the-art telegraph room of the Great Northern Telegraph Company Building, the ambition of the overseas Chinese to establish Amoy Tinning Co., Ltd. and the happy faces of the group photo of Chinese and foreigners on Kulangsu.
An American doctor of the history department of Xiamen University has been doing research on Kulangsu for years and has provided historical pictures to many Kulangsu related works and activities, including this exhibition. He collected these pictures from libraries and American churches which had relations with Kulangsu. In these pictures, you can have a look at medical staff of Kulangsu Hope Hospital, teachers and students of the Nurses’ School, staff of the Trinity Church, Students of Anglo-Chinese College (what is now Xiamen No.2 Middle School) doing exercises and emale students of A.R.C.M. Girls’ Middle School saw their former president Miss Tena Holkeboer off.
This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Association of Social Sciences, Xiamen Academy of Social Sciences and Kulangsu Administrative Committee and will be shown for three months in Xiamen Ferry Terminal in Dongdu.