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Kulangsu Hit Hard by Typhoon Meranti, Members of Community Spring into Action[2016-09-18]

A wall of the Sunlight Rock scenic area crumbled
A transformer crushed by a fallen century-old banyan tree
A century-old banyan tree on Ganghou Road toppled
Pedestrians trudge through the debris
The ground strewn with snapped branches
Tree uprooted, wall cracked
Sheet-iron rooftop ripped off
Union Church surrounded by broken branches
A tree at the Xingxian Palace blown down
A tree at the Music School toppled
Zhangzhou Road blocked
Fallen trees on Zhangzhou Road
In the early hours of Sept. 15, Super Typhoon Meranti slammed into Kulangsu, knocking out power in the Longtou neighborhood and leaving the entire island without water. Numerous trees were toppled (including 13 historic trees and over 3,000 ordinary trees, with 90% of the trees suffered broken branches); many buildings were damaged, and walls crumbled. Fortunately, no casualty was reported. From Sept. 15 to 17, the Kulangsu scenic area was closed for restoration work.
On the morning of Sept. 15, Vice Mayor Ni Chao rushed to Kulangsu to direct the relief operation. Before the typhoon struck, the Administrative Committee of Kulangsu had cancelled vacation for all staff, and all of them remained in their posts on the island. Immediately after the typhoon, the Administrative Committee sprang into action, getting into contact with other government agencies on the island to secure materials for the relief operation and sending out eight emergency response teams (including the community team, the roadway team, the power team, the home team, the mobile team and the standby team)。 The committee devoted all resources available to the operation, and the military and many members of the community also lent a helping hand. All related units on the island (including the Administrative Committee and public security, border control, law enforcement, municipal administration and sub-district offices) worked closely together to mitigate the damage of the typhoon. Moreover, many Party cadres, storeowners and volunteers took to the streets to help clean up the debris and assist those affected by the typhoon. With the concerted efforts of all people of Kulangsu, life on the island was expected to return to normal within the shortest possible time.
At present, power and water supply on the island has largely been restored, obstructions on the roads are being removed, tilted historic trees are being put upright and debris cleanup is underway.
Road blocked by fallen trees
Urban control officers clean away fallen tree at the Concert Hall on the morning of Sept. 15
Century-old banyan tree at the Sea Garden Hotel toppled; residents push the fallen tree to the roadside to clear way for pedestrians - 1
Century-old banyan tree at the Sea Garden Hotel toppled; residents push the fallen tree to the roadside to clear way for pedestrians - 2
Cleaning workers brave the rain to clear the road
Debris hauled away
The Sunlight Rock scenic area pummeled by the typhoon; workers spring into action on the morning of Sept. 15
Cleanup at the Mixed Court
Snapped branches at the Mixed Court cleaned away