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A Bookstore will be opened in a centenary villa this summer, and for you, I will read poems in Kulangsu Island.[2016-09-01]

    There were several bookstores at that time in Kulangsu Island.
    Shu Ting, a great poet, and He Bingzhong, expert in literature and history who was born in this Island were its frequent visitors. They were chewing on poetries, paintings as well as literature together.
    When Xiaofeng bookstore was closed, lots of people shocked “Why any bookstore can’t survive in such an island which was rich in culture and literature!
    Since then, no poems have been read in bookstores.
    But in this summer, embraced by warm wind, the bookstore will come back.
    The centenary villa of Asia will be opened to visitors, displaying what it has experienced in the past century, full of happiness and sadness, gathering and separation. All passers-by can take one book and get a pot of tea, reading poems for you.
    With books, this time-honored villa seems to have its soul.
    Return   This centenary villa brings the elegance of books
    It has been 4 years since that farewell.
    In the summer of 2012, the last independently operated bookstore named “Xiaofeng Bookstore” was closed due to operation pressure. Until now, only Xinhua bookstore is still open in Kulangsu Island. Two bookstores will start business successively in two centenary villas this summer.
    One is located at the old site of British Asiatic Petroleum Company, a two-story Colonial arcade building with Gothic arch style windows in the front elevation. It is a typical architecture of Victorian era. Because of the unique window decorations, people call it “Owl Building”。
    It will be opened to the visitors in August, selling books from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Most books are from Taiwan and Xiamen, and about 10,000 books come from Taiwan” Said by a worker in Waitu Taiwan bookstore.
    A special painting room is arranged for children. Here, small desks and chairs are set row by row. The old time of Kulangsu can be felt by closing to the streets of Taiwan.
    X-Readspace bookstore in one of ten villas in Kulangsu Island which is named Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion will be opened in July. “The Kulangsu Island’s culture is fundamental to the bookstore”, the owner said. It can provide the visitors to this Island and bookstore with a true channel to understand it.
    Reviewing  a 70-year old scholar recalls the time
    He Bingzhong, 70, stood up and applauded for the reopening of two bookstores in the Island, apart from the existing Xinhua Bookstore.
    He Hingzhong, who is a researcher on museology, is the consultant of the application of cultural heritage for Kulangsu Island, living in the Island previously. There are more than 10,000 books in his house. Readers have a family affection to the books and bookstores.
    In 2012, the closing of Xiaofeng Bookstore due to the unbearable rental fee made him very regretful. Hundreds of books are from this bookstore among the over 10, 000 he reserves. He is one of top 5 readers based on the quantity of books bought.
    Books are the thermometer of culture Children in Kulangsu Island read books earlier. Mr. He recalls he was a frequent reader to the Dazhong bookstore in his 2nd and 3rd year of junior high school. The simply noted version of strange stories from a Chinese studio brought him keen interest in classical literature. Mr. Zhuang, the boss, was very kind and amiable.
    Mr. He constantly visited this bookstore when it was open to the visitors at the end of 1980s. When a book came, unopened, he got the catalogue ahead of others, buying the books he wanted, like a treasure. When the artist Chen Danqing came to the Island, the bookstore’s owner called Mr. He. They chatted about the history in the bookstore while enjoying the tea.
    Bookstores are indispensable to the cultural succession of Kulangsu Island. Mr. He passed two new bookstores, entered and took books. Bookstore is the palace of culture, a grand one, he said.
    Inheritance   Beautiful girls read books carefully
    Half a month ago, Xiaoqin, a charming lady came to the Island one night for X-Readspace Bookstore. Unluckily, when she arrived, it was already9 p.m, and the bookstore was closed.
    She begged for minutes in order to have a look. She entered into the bookstore, read some books, asked her friend to take photos, and left a little regretfully. She transferred the Wechat named “After waiting for 455 days and nights, we opened a bookstore in a 95-year old villa” in her moments.
    Several weeks ago, Zhan Zhaoxia, new resident of Kulangsu and writer of literature and history of this Island, gathered together with some book lovers in “X-Readspace Bookstore”。 They were addicted into a tranquil and slow discussion with the time passing by slowly.
    After several visits, she obtained some books, like Andre Gorz’s “Histoire d'un amour”, ?Maugham’s “Cakes and Ale” and Shen Congwen’s “Ancient Culture”。
    When her newly written book “Kulangsu: Old friend and the past” was put in bookshelf of Waitu and X-Readspace Bookstore, she saw the signed prose collections and poetry by Shu Ting in Waitu bookstore, she immediately turned herself into book buyer, giving them to her friends as gifts.
    Zhan Zhaoxia walked into a bookstore alone with cheongsam. Time as the light beneath seems to be; beautiful as she is, but without makeup; upright as she sits in the chair, she is reading books--She writes.
    Waitu Taiwan Bookstore
    Address: No.21, Zhonghua Road, Former Office Building of British Asiatic Petroleum Company, walking over a century.
    Features: British Asiatic Petroleum Company once opened a company here. Before the renovation, it was a private commercial business place. The unauthorized structure in the courtyard was used to sell tourist goods, and the main building was planned to open a family house. After the renovation, the unauthorized structure was removed, the environment was promoted, and the historical features reappeared. The branch of Waitu Bookstore is introduced and an art salon is opened on the third floor. The bookstore is running characteristic books.
    X-Readspace Bookstore
    Location: Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion at Fujian Road
    Features: On the beginning of July, X-Readspace Bookstore was opened at Hai Tian Tang Gou Mansion, which has a history of 95 years. The owner said that X-Readspace Bookstore was born for Kulangsu Island. About 3,000 volumes of humanity history books about Kulangsu Island can be found around the world.