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“Good job! Thank you, dear volunteers!”[2016-07-18]

    Volunteers working for the application are handing out flyers
    Volunteers are offering their help to visitors.
    The volunteer is checking the handbag with Lady Dong.
    Lady Dong is expressing her gratitude to the volunteer.
    July 17th, Sunday, the Island was full of tourists. At the service station volunteers were promoting the idea of “to be a civilized tourist“, advocating a litter-free and beautiful island. They also offered consultation service. A handbag left under a banian was noticed by one of the volunteers named Guan Yuchuan and his friends. Having realized that nobody came to claim the bag, they picked it up, took good care of it and tried to get in touch with its owner. Half an hour later, a female visitor came to the service station for help, sweat all over her face. She spotted the bag on the table and recognized it, saying it was hers. After checking with the lady, the bag was returned to its owner.
    From their conversation it was learned that the lady, whose family name is Dong, came from Guizhou. Having found her lost bag, the lady kept saying thanks to the volunteers. “Good job! Thank you! I wouldn‘t have been possible to go home without your help.”
    The Volunteer Group for the Application