Former Residence of American Reformed Church
Former Residence of American Reformed Church. 
The former residence of American Reformed Church was the residence of John Van Nest Talmage, founder and manager of A.R.C.M. Girl's Schools, and his daughters. The residence, known as Three Gables Salo, was located on the west hillside of the Girls’Schools. It covers an area of 570 ㎡ and architecturally, it is a combination of colonial veranda style and traditional Minnan style. On the hillside, there is a damp proofing floor, above which is the ground floor. Both floors are surrounded by colonnade. The colonnade we see today have been reconstructed. As to the roof, because of its widespan structure, the residence applies three pitched roofs which resemble traditional Minnan red brick house. This combination is called joined roof in ancient Chinese official building style and foreigners on Kulangsu then call it Three Gables Salo. It can be reasonably speculated that the Chinese craftsmen involved in the construction have grasped some modern architectural technology. However, it is still difficult to build such a roof that the building workers came up with so ingenious a solution. Historical photographs show that this is a common solution to large housetops on Kulangsu, but the Three Gables Salo is the only one remained today.